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Privacy Policy

Internet user privacy is of paramount importance to Worldsms Portal. Our goal is to maintain the trust of our users and others who visit our web sites. Below is information regarding Worldsms Portal's commitment to protect the privacy of users:

1. A user's phonebook, message content and MSISDN's sent to belong exclusively to that user, and will not be disclosed to any third parties without the user's written permission.

2. Any recipient of any message has the right to know the identity of the sender, and this will be disclosed on request to the recipient.

3. By using this web site the User consents to the following regarding user contact information: (user contact information refers only to that information supplied when a user registers, and excludes all other information such as phonebook content and message history.):

3.1 Worldsms Portal may use a users contact information to communicate with the user from time to time.
Users may indicate if they do not wish to receive such communications;

3.2 Worldsms Portal may use user's contact information for non-personal statistical purposes.