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1. What is worldsms-portal about:

‘Worldsms-Portal’ is an inter-networking company with the best, widest, most-affordable and most conducive platform for widespread communication for bulk SMS/VOICE(which will be introduced shortly) transmissions in the four major networks in Nigeria, CDMA networks  and most networks around the globe.

2. What is BULK SMS?

BULK SMS is a short message service that is sent to large number of phones with a CUSTOMIZED name at a high fast delivery rate

3. Why do I need BULK SMS?

It is the cheapest and simplest means to send messages to a large number of people at the same time, with a customized sender id.

  1.  What are the prices and converges for your services?

At worldsmsportal.com we offer solemnly the cheapest of services, you can buy SMS units as low as 0.68kobo per units, and we do support a lot of networks around the world, please for the complete list of our pricing, consult here

5. I do not want to type the phone numbers always. What do I do?

Simply type the numbers in notepad and upload them through your phonebook.

6. I sent a message but it showed failed.

During downtime, messages are not sent. This is in order to promote transparency, our system do not charge you for unsent messages.

7. I sent a message 20 mins ago, but it has not been delivered.

Due to network congestion, there may be slight delays in the delivery of messages. This usually rarely occurs.

8. How do I pay for bulksms?

Just login to your account and you will find the online payment option at the left menu or better still use the auto bank deposit invoice generator bellow the online payment option.

  1.  Can I transfer units to another member?
  2.  But how can i enjoy your services?

To enjoy the services at worldsms-portal, all you need to do is to create an account with us, login, purchase SMS units, upload your contacts and you are good to go.

If you don’t have an account with us, click HERE to Register one or here to login.

11.  Is there a reseller program?

Yes we have resellers program by wish you partner with us to develop your own bulk SMS business website and make an income, you can set your own price list and rebrand your website to your taste, please for the full details click here

12.  Can I partner with worldsms-portal?

Yes you can partner with us, in such a way if you have any project maybe adverts, political campaign, etc at hand and you don’t want to go through the stress of running around purchasing SMS units, typing the messages, uploading contacts or maybe one circumstances or the other is hindering you from being able to carry out the project, send us the details and we do the business for you at a little charge while you relax and enjoy your interest.

For partnership contact us with info@worldsmsportal.com or through the contact form or call us on 07035351736.