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Becoming a reseller is pretty simple, and does not require you to know anything about programming or web design. You will get a fully designed website, registered and hosted, with an online SMS application already set-up for you to get going.

Resellers have the advantage of selling SMS at any price they wish and can manage their subscribers on their own using their own control panel. Join the enterprising and smart group of individuals today if you have decided that you want to be financially free.

Our Reseller Program offers you a way to build income while offering your customers first-class bulk SMS services under your own company name. Earn money selling bulk SMS services! Become A Reseller : Own Your Own Website. Start your own business and become your own boss, let us help you to achieve your dream of bringing in more income. See Below our reseller Plans.

Here Are Some Rich Features Of The Portal We'll Create For You

>> Targeted NO Generator - Here the admin has to set the quantity of numbers he want the front users to be able to generate per state. Unlike the unreliable Joomla GSM Number generator that randomly generate 12 digit numbers. THIS module gives you the option to select any particular state of your choice and also to specify the amount of numbers you want to generate.

Admin also have the ability to set the maximum amount of gsm numbers that can be generated by users. This is actually to enable users and prospects verify the authenticity of your database.

>> Mobile Business Card - This give users of your sms portal the ability to create business cards and send it to prospects via their mobile number. It is a WOW!

>> SMS Auto-responder - You can create fields like name, email, phone number etc. Add a single message to be delivered at a particular time or load multiple messages to be delivered at different time and date. After which you generate an html code that can be embedded into a web page to create a webform. Whenever this form is filled it delivers the programmed sms at the specify time and date. Marketers can use this feature for follow ups, Churches can use this feature to follow up new coverts etc

>> Refer-and-Earn Module - The admin first of all at the back end composes a message which he want to be delivered to any number his platform if referred to including the sender id. He also specify the amount of sms that will be added to the users account who refer the site to a valid number. Then at the front end the user just click on the function and type a number then the admin specified number of credit is added to his account.

>>  Location Based Marketing - It has an inbuilt verified state sorted gsm database across the federation. The admin upload his number sorted state by state. Then the users at the front end can view the total in each state to enable them specify the volume of campaign they can run for different states.

>> Duplicate Remover - This enables you to delete multiple numbers so as to avoid sending a message more than once to a mobile user. You can load up to 100,000 numbers at once on the duplicator field.

>> Mobile Coupon Rewarding System - This module enable the admin of the sms portal to create a coupon code, assign a particular amount of sms units in it, set validity. So that anyone can reward people with
sms units. In the sense that they can sign in your sms portal and when they redeem the coupon the specify number of sms units will be added to their account. Organizations, politicians can use this solution to reward people for a cause.

 >> Reserved SMS Functionality - This is a new feature we have innovated into the sms industry. This is because in most cases some users will schedue a message/s for later delivery and then go on to exhuast their sms units. Such that when the time for the scheduled message reach to be delivered it can't fly because there is no available units to push it through. So with this reserved function wenever a message is scheduled the equivalent number of sms needed to deliver it is allocated in the reserved unit showing in the dashboard. Thereby preventing the user to exhuast is sms unit beyond what is allocated to the reserved units.

Here Is How To Grab This Offer

Firstly, text 'Set Up My Portal' to '09059956533'


Secondly, proceed to the bank to deposit the sum of N30,000 into the bamk details below.


Bank Details

Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank

Account Name: Destiny Chidi

Account Number: 0106829179


After payment send us your payment information and your desired domain name to info@worldsmsportal.com